AI not just hype, BofA sees strong LLM adoption

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They said that ChatGPT usage is strong among heavy Internet users, while the top LLM use cases are to search for info and generate ideas.

“We conducted a user survey on conversational AI tools of more than 1,100 U.S. Internet users aged 18-55 to measure user AI chatbot activity and intentions,” explained the analysts.

“Our survey, which is biased toward heavy Internet users, indicated that: 1) 59% use ChatGPT, 51% use Bing, and 34% use Bard; 2) 30% use Bing and Bard daily (vs. ChatGPT at 23%) and 40% use each several times a week; 3) If only allowed to use one AI chatbot, 49% would choose ChatGPT, followed by Bing at 26% and Bard at 21%.”

The analysts added that a “strong 67% have or plan to download ChatGPT app on their mobile phone,” while 45% indicated they will use Google search more due to the integration of conversational AI tools, with 19% indicating they will use Google search less due to usage of ChatGPT and Bing.