NewsWatch: These 15 stocks — June’s biggest losers — could become July’s winners

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June’s worst stocks are good bets to beat the U.S. market in in July. See full story.

China expands probe of U.S.-listed companies after similar move against Didi

The latest action targets two truck-hailing apps operated by Full Truck Alliance Co. and an online recruiting app owned by Kanzhun Ltd. BZ Both companies went public in the U.S. in June. See full story.

This U.S. city has the highest share of superrich residents in the world — and it’s not New York, Seattle or San Francisco

The global population of people worth $30 million or more grew by 1.7% in 2020. See full story.

The Stellantis EV day is coming. Here’s what to know.

Bank of America analysts said Thursday’s EV Day event is a chance for Stellantis to better explain its strategy to investors, adding that it could also reduce the stock’s valuation discount. See full story.

My intelligent, talented retiree husband moonlights as a handyman. He charges $20 an hour, but is not insured and doesn’t pay tax

‘When I try to point out that he is threatening my financial security as well as his own, he says I am paranoid and that he is just helping people.’
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Advocates are urging the Biden administration to overhaul the student-loan system before payments resume. See full story.