NewsWatch: A 10% drop or at least a pause could be looming for the S&P 500. Take shelter in these sectors, says veteran strategist

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My wife inherited $800K. She put $300K toward our mortgage and $500K in her own bank account — after 35 years of marriage

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You need to prove you have this much in monthly income to legally retire in Europe, Asia and Latin America

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Rural America now has a mutual fund dedicated to its long-awaited revival

Rural America Growth & Income Fund is a new mutual fund launched by electric co-op asset manager Homestead Funds, which will invest in equity and fixed-income securities that support rural economies. See full story.

Apple v. Epic: What to expect from a trial that could change antitrust law and the mobile-app ecosystem

When Apple Inc. and Epic Games Inc. square off in federal court in Oakland, Calif., on Monday, only this much is at stake: the livelihood of perhaps thousands of small developers and the very definition of antitrust law. You can be sure the eyes of Washington, D.C., and not just the San Francisco Bay Area, will be riveted over the next few weeks. See full story.


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