Top Ten: Weekend reads: Buy Nio’s stock instead of Tesla

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While 2020 has been a year most people would prefer to regret, investors in the U.S. stock market have fared well, provided they didn’twere able to avoid selling into the market crash during March.

The action for Tesla Inc. TSLA, +2.03% and Nio Inc. NIO, +2.14% has been a rocket ride:


With Tesla up nearly sevenfold, your might be shocked to see Nio up more than tenfold, especially when you see that both stocks were down for 2020 in March.

Jeff Reeves makes the case that Nio is a better electric-vehicle stock play for 2021.

Wish IPO: Interview with an executive

As part of the IPO Report series, Tonya Garcia interviews Wish CFO Rajat Bahri, who describes improvement to the company’s mobile shopping app. Wish parent  ContextLogic Inc. WISH, +6.60% went public this week.

More on IPOs: This month’s hottest IPO isn’t DoorDash or Airbnb — it’s artificial-intelligence company

And: An interview with Academy Sports & Outdoor Inc. ASO CEO Ken Hicks. The retailer went public on Oct. 2 with shares priced at $13. The stock closed at 18.81 on Dec. 17.

Is this the wrong time to hold gold in your portfolio?

Michael Brush warns investors as he looks ahead to a post-pandemic market.

What about other commodities?

William Watts explains why investors may see a bounce in commodity prices in 2021.

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Can I retire from this soul-crushing job? 

A reader wants to know if $1 million in savings is enough. Alessandra Malito distills advice from experts.

Also: Silvia Ascarelli helps a couple settle on a (semi) retirement destination — should they live by the ocean or by a lake?

Try the MarketWatch “where should I retire” tool for your own customized search.

Income for retirement with less risk

Bond yields have been declining for decades. Investors have been taking more and more risk in their search for yield, but may have overlooked preferred stocks. Mitch Tuchman explains this asset class and an easy way to earn a yield of 4.5% with relatively low risk.

Bob Dylan and Stevie Nicks have sold their song catalogs.


The times they are ka-chingin’

5 reasons musicians like Bob Dylan and Stevie Nicks are selling their song catalogs right now .

Lessons from Robinhood’s $65 million fine

The Securities and Exchange Commission said the stock trading app popular with young investors didn’t live up to its duty to ensure users got the best terms on trades. “If you’re not paying for something, you are going to pay for it in a way you can’t see,” said one consumer advocate.

Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell.

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The Fed, taxes and income inequality

The Federal Reserve under Chairman Jerome Powell has made an important change in its policy framework to let economic growth cycles last longer. This can help lower-income and minority communities, but there are risks, as Jeffrey C. Fuhrer, a senior fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School and a former executive at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, explains.

Plus: David Hope and Julian Limberg, lecturers at King’s College London, describe their research that concludes tax cuts for the wealthy don’t promote overall economic growth.

Year-end tax considerations

Bill Bischoff lists the tax breaks set to expire at the end of 2020 and which ones are likely to be renewed.

Stock picks for 2021

Here are three roundups of analysts’ favorite stocks for 2021

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Jeff’s year-end confessions

Jeff Reeves isn’t shy about sharing stock selections, as you can see in the Nio/Tesla story above. But no investor can get it right 100% of the time. Here are what Reeves calls his “dumbest investment calls of 2020.

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