Personal Finance Daily: What a Biden or Trump win could mean for a second round of stimulus checks and why polls got the ‘Latino vote’ wrong

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‘We want to work for ourselves and achieve that American Dream’: Why polls got the ‘Latino vote’ wrong

As the U.S. sorts through election results, some question the usefulness of categorizing voters as ‘Latino.’

What a Biden or Trump win would mean for a second round of stimulus checks

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Wednesday that ‘we need another rescue package.’

I am a white woman of privilege and a single mother. I need a ‘zinger’ to stop my sister-in-law telling me why I have it so good

The Moneyist reveals his 5 golden rules for dealing with difficult people.

‘Diverse perspectives lead to better decision making’: Ariel Investments’ John Rogers Jr. pushes corporate boards to have their own ‘Jackie Robinson moment’

Black households are almost twice as likely not to have any stock-market investments, one recent study shows.

‘I watch our finances like a hawk’: My husband owes $12,000 in unpaid tax — and he never told me. Should I file separately?

‘I knew my husband of 5 years was poor at managing finances before we got married. But he’s so much worse than I thought.’

Anxious about the election? Here’s what mental-health professionals are doing to calm their own stress

While you wait to hear whether President Trump or Joe Biden won the election, borrow a tip from experts who know a thing or two about managing stress and anxiety.

Democrats and Republicans are confident their candidate will win — and that could affect consumer spending after the election

87% of Democrats expect Joe Biden to win the 2020 election, while 84% of Republicans expect President Trump to triumph, a new paper says.

Attempts to raise state income and property taxes get mixed reception from voters

A California proposition increasing commercial property assessments to fund schools is still close.

Italy imposes a nationwide curfew, closes all museums and galleries

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte signed an emergency decree on Wednesday.

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Overshadowed by election, Fed aims to keep it that way

The Federal Reserve is expected to hold rates steady on Thursday, avoiding the spotlight as investors focus on the contested presidential election.

Biden takes Wisconsin as Trump campaign challenges outcomes in key states

Former Vice President Joe Biden was awarded Wisconsin in the Associated Press projection model Wednesday afternoon as his White House race with Donald Trump stretched into overtime, and the president’s team promised legal challenges.

Why a ‘growth bomb’ may be about to ignite the economy

Leuthold Group CIO Jim Paulsen is bullish on the U.S. economy amid pent-up demand.

Fiscal stimulus chances may be rising despite dashed Democrat hopes for U.S. Senate control

Republicans beat back Senate challengers in several states Democrats had hoped to win, leaving Democrats increasingly looking short of the minimum three-seat net gain needed to control the U.S. Senate with a Joe Biden White House, and almost certainly short of the four-seat gain needed for outright control.

Business leaders must protect voters and the voting process — especially after this heated presidential election

Americans see democracy as good for capitalism and want CEOs to stand for more than just profits.

Warren Buffett’s favorite indicator, margin levels and technicals agree: This stock market could be in trouble

If investors are feeling a bit squeamish about how this election will ultimately play out, you wouldn’t know it from Wednesday’s huge rally. Enjoy it while it lasts?

What a lack of Democratic ‘blue wave’ means for the stock market

Investors are starting to believe that a Biden win, should he prevail in the White House race, combined with a divided Congress will result in the type of gridlock that could stymie the former vice president’s plans for stricter regulations on technology companies and a rollback of Trump’s 2017 tax cuts.