Personal Finance Daily: Domestic abusers are taking survivors’ stimulus checks and wealthy parents are paying up to $100 an hour for ‘teaching pods’ during the pandemic

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Eating chocolate once a week can lower your risk of heart disease: study

That’s good news considering Americans are buying more chocolate during the coronavirus pandemic

America is facing an eviction crisis as moratoriums expire: ‘This is a potential catastrophe’

Democratic lawmakers have proposed legislation to extend and to expand the federal moratorium on evictions, which is set to expire in just a few days.

Domestic abusers are taking survivors’ stimulus checks — and lawmakers want the IRS to do something about it

Domestic-violence survivors often use cash infusions as a springboard toward safety.

‘It’s actually not that easy, but for me it was easy’: Trump describes his recent cognitive test: ‘Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.’

Ziad Nasreddine, the doctor who invented the test, told MarketWatch, ‘It’s supposed to be easy.’

The feared jumbo mortgage debacle is here — thanks to the coronavirus — and ready to pound the housing market

COVID-19 pandemic is squeezing borrowers’ ability to stay in their homes, writes Keith Jurow.

Which DIY home renovation projects could add the most value to your house — and which ones to avoid

As Americans spend more time at home because of the pandemic, they’re looking to improve their abodes — but not all projects are worth the effort.

Thousands in Silicon Valley in danger of eviction as end of California moratorium nears

More than 43,000 households in the heart of Silicon Valley face eviction in the next few months even as local tech companies’ valuations soar, according to new research published Wednesday, a crisis that could creep across the nation as eviction moratoriums expire while the pandemic continues.

Walt Disney World tightens face mask policy after guests took advantage of loophole

Walt Disney World in Florida partially reopened on July 11.

From nanny services to ‘private educators,’ wealthy parents are paying up to $100 an hour for ‘teaching pods’ during the pandemic

Well-resourced parents are hiring tutors, nannies and ‘private educators’ to supplement or replace remote learning, the latest example of how the pandemic is exposing longstanding inequities in U.S. education.

The extra $600 in unemployment benefits ‘gave people a real lifeline,’ Trump says, so ‘we’re doing it again’ but in smaller increments

Failing to extend the extra $600 in unemployment benefits ‘would be the economic equivalent of reopening the economy too soon,’ one expert says.

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The jobless claims numbers are both better and worse than you may have read

More than 2 million people filed for jobless benefits last week, but there’s been no surge yet in response to renewed social distancing rules.

Senate GOP closing in on COVID aid bill deal with White House

Two top Trump administration officials said Thursday they were near finalizing an agreement on what would be an opening offer to Democrats for the next coronavirus aid bill.

Stock market crash? It would have happened by now, trader says

Headlines splashed across the financial news outlets these days would have you believe the stock market is about to crash, but Jani Ziedins of the Cracked Market blog isn’t buying it. Or, rather, he is buying it. The market, that is.