The Margin: West Virginia’s governor claims he’s never dropped an F-bomb before — this hilarious clip suggests otherwise

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Dropping the F-bomb was funny. The denial was even funnier.

During a news conference on Monday about West Virginia’s plan to reopen its economy, Gov. Jim Justice said — it sure sounded like it, anyway — that businesses will be able to get back to work “only if they f*****g follow the guidelines” to keep the state safe.

Makes sense. It’s got to be frustrating to try to get everybody on the same page. He would surely be forgiven for such language, considering some of the behavior around the country.

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The clip quickly made the rounds on Twitter TWTR, +1.15% , and it didn’t take long for Justice to correct the record in such a way that only gave the peanut gallery more fodder.

Here’s a tweet capturing the “audio glitch” and the explanation that came afterward. Respect to the sign language translator, who didn’t even flinch.

So, never said the F-word before? Ever? The internet’s reaction was mostly:

Justice’s office followed with a statement saying he was trying to say that he encouraged all businesses to reopen only “if they can follow” the guidelines.