NewsWatch: Trump touts ‘biggest stock market rise in history yesterday,’ but many investors believe worst isn’t over amid coronavirus panic

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President Donald Trump Saturday morning highlighted Friday’s big stock-market gains but investors fear that the worst isn’t over as coronavirus spreads. See full story.

Coronavirus travel ban creates chaos at U.S. airports in echo of 2017

The ban on travel to the United States by non-U.S. citizens from Europe announced at midweek by President Trump in an Oval Office address that raised more questions than it put to rest — and expanded after the fact to include the additional European countries Ireland and the United Kingdom — appeared to be creating havoc late Saturday at major U.S. airports including those in Dallas, New York and Chicago. See full story.

How do I self-quarantine? Can I answer the door or walk my dog? There can be legal consequences if you violate it

There’s a lot of confusion about preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus. Here’s what health experts recommend. See full story.

What is social distancing? This practice is key to slowing the coronavirus, public health experts say

Experts says the tactic will help ‘flatten the curve’ and prevent an explosion of new cases. See full story.

Hackers are using coronavirus concerns to trick you, cybersecurity pros warn

The COVID-19 coronavirus isn’t the only virus people have to worry about as the fear of the pandemic has become a powerful tool for hackers to get you to click on one of their links without thinking. See full story.


Can you allow COVID-19 to slowly infect lower-risk people so they create enough immunity to eventually protect higher-risk groups? See full story.