Personal Finance Daily: The coronavirus outbreak is making it harder for some Chinese investors to buy U.S. real estate, and Mike Bloomberg tells MarketWatch about his approach to money

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My stepfather and mother pooled resources to buy a home. My mom died in 2003 and he just passed away. His kids are selling their house — am I entitled to anything?

‘His son is the executor of the will and has made no mention of us inheriting anything once it sells.’

Students at Princeton and other schools may have to ‘self-quarantine’ to prevent coronavirus spread, state health officials say

Coronavirus is forcing colleges with high enrollment from China into delicate balancing act.

The economy is booming, Trump says — but for some, so are the costs of housing, health care, child care and college

It’s getting more expensive to get by for some Americans.

Mike Bloomberg tells MarketWatch about his approach to money, when to take a pay cut, and what’s in his wallet

The last time the author, MarketWatch editor-in-chief Jeremy Olshan, asked Bloomberg what he was most frugal about — back in 2010, when he wasn’t running for president — his answer was slightly more amusing: that he owned just two pairs of dress shoes.

5 important facts about car insurance no one ever tells you

Welcome to the lesser-known intricacies of the policies and procedures of today’s insurance providers.

My father left everything to my son. When I called the attorney about the will, my son got very upset. I now need financial help. Should I ask him for money?

‘Five years later, I finally got the chance to see my grandson, but I must carefully watch what I say and do.’

The coronavirus outbreak is making it harder for some Chinese investors to buy U.S. real estate

Chinese nationals account for nearly 20% of all foreign buyers of American real estate.

‘My daughter has been chiding me for frivolously spending her inheritance. Now she won’t speak to me’

‘My financial adviser assures me that if I live within my current budget I’ll still have over $1 million in savings at age 100.’

How to stop wasting food (and money)

You can save hundreds a year, and that’s not the only upside of reducing food waste.

Pete Buttigieg tells MarketWatch about his approach to spending and saving money — and not getting scammed

MarketWatch asked each of the presidential candidates the same personal finance questions. Mayor Pete Buttigieg is up first — and he has a cautionary tale any kid who ever collected baseball or Pokémon cards can relate to.

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How the stock market has reacted to State of the Union speeches

Stocks rose sharply the day after President Trump’s third State of the Union address, in which he touted the U.S. economy and attacked Democrats over the hot-button election-year issue of health care.

Trump acquitted by Senate, ending historic impeachment trial

The Senate on Wednesday acquitted President Trump on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, capping the third presidential impeachment trial in U.S. history as the 2020 race for the White House kicks into high gear.

Fed’s Daly on stock market gains: Maybe we’ve taught people ‘expansions do not die of old age’

San Francisco Fed President Mary Daly said Wednesday that the stock market behavior shows optimism about the outlook and perhaps investors are no longer so worried that the expansion will die of old age.

Republicans mull response to Pelosi’s impeachment-is-forever barb: expungement of Trump record

Republicans are already plotting to expunge the impeachment if they retake the House.

Democratic congresswoman rips e-cigarette CEOs for sounding unaware of nicotine’s effects on the heart and brain

A Capitol Hill hearing on “Vaping in America” underscores how Washington continues to have electronic cigarettes in its crosshairs because of a youth vaping epidemic.