Personal Finance Daily: More Americans are booking it to the library than going to the movies and my sister persuaded my father to sell his home and leave her everything — can I fight this?

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More Americans are booking it to the library than going to the movies

Young adults, women and low-income families visited libraries the most — and zoos the least.

My siblings live with my mother rent-free. She uses her savings to pay for their bills, groceries and cellphones — what can I do?

‘In helping her, I found that most months she runs a deficit. She will pull from her savings to cover gaps.’

‘It’s sad that people are so greedy.’ My sister persuaded my father to sell his home and leave her everything — can I fight this?

‘She talked my father into rewriting his living trust so that I and my other sister received $1 each.’

I own a house with my mother. Her boyfriend, 75, made sexual comments to my 11-year-old daughter. My mom said, ‘That’s just the way men are’ — what can I do?

‘My father gave me half of the ownership of the house when he died. If I ask her to leave and buy her out, she would be homeless or stuck at a retirement home.’

‘This is a novel coronavirus.’ As infections exceed 4,500, here’s how the illness has spread across the world so rapidly

‘From observations, the virus is capable of transmission even during incubation period,’ says Ma Xiaowei, the director of China’s National Health Commission.

‘He owed a lot of back taxes.’ My ex-husband forgot to sign paperwork to split a sizable investment account — then he died. Can his estate claim that money?

‘The investment company says the account is now all mine. Is that true?’

Nike sold out of Kobe Bryant gear online — it wasn’t pulled

Now some Kobe sneakers, jerseys and trading cards are selling for upwards of a thousand dollars on eBay and StockX

Meet the Americans who are first in line to file their taxes

Tax season just started, and these people are already done filing.

Helicopter crashes like the one that killed Kobe Bryant are becoming less common — but that could change

Some aviation experts and lawmakers say the increased use of helicopters could make it more dangerous to fly.

The Equal Rights Amendment mandates equality between the sexes — so why are some women against it?

Virginia on Monday officially became the 38th state to ratify the ERA.

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U.S. national debt projected to rise to $31.4 trillion by 2030: CBO

The U.S. federal debt held by the public is expected to rise to $31.4 trillion by the end of 2030, the Congressional Budget Office said in its semi-annual forecast released Tuesday.

Which Judy Shelton will the Fed get? Gold standard advocate or Trump defender?

Fed nominee Judy Shelton has long advocated for a global currency backed by gold, which would make the Federal Reserve redundant.

‘I believe John Bolton,’ says Trump’s former Chief of Staff Kelly

President Donald Trump’s former White House chief of staff sided with John Bolton in comments late Monday when asked about the ex-national security adviser’s claim that Trump told him he wanted to tie Ukraine aid to an investigation of the Bidens.

Trump lawyer: Don’t let report on Bolton book dictate next step in impeachment trial

President Donald Trump’s attorneys on Tuesday play down revelations from former Trump adviser John Bolton, as they wrap up their opening arguments in the president’s Senate impeachment trial.

The coronavirus is a disease of Chinese autocracy

The Chinese government’s attempts to protect its image proved costly, because they undermined initial efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

There’s only one stock millennials prefer over Amazon and Tesla

Apex Clearing recently unveiled its fourth-quarter Millennial 100 report, which analyzed more than 734,000 portfolios owned by U.S.-based investors with an average age of just over 31 years. Many of the names are probably exactly what you’d expect, along with perhaps a surprise or two.