NewsWatch: 5 reasons coronavirus fears are overblown — and 14 stocks to buy now

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Even the lockdown around Wuhan won’t have much of an impact on China’s economy. See full story.

The main reason for the stock market’s decline is NOT the coronavirus

The real culprit is that investors had become too bullish, as market-sentiment indicators show. See full story.

My retirement income is $95,000 a year, and I want a walkable, affordable beach town to spend the winter. Where should I retire?

This beach town “cannot be on the West Coast.” See full story.

Who should consider a Roth conversion under the SECURE act?

Financial planners say the changes make Roth conversions more attractive for big savers. See full story.

Here’s everything coming to Netflix in February 2020 — and what’s leaving

Netflix Inc. has something for everyone in February, with the sequel to one of its smash rom-coms launching just in time for Valentine’s Day, along with a highly anticipated comic-book adaptation and the return of three critically acclaimed series. See full story.


Experts say current FICO scoring inflates people’s credit scores. See full story.