Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin just saved the actress in the ‘Peloton Girl’ ad

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Aviation Gin, the liquor brand owned by actor Ryan Reynolds, has mocked Peloton’s widely criticized holiday commercial with help from the same actress who appeared in the controversial ad for the exercise bike.

Peloton’s Christmas advertisement went viral for all the wrong reasons. People have been obsessed with the stationary bike advertisement showing a woman receiving the popular bike from her husband as a Christmas gift. The actress, who’s been named “Peloton Girl” shows the unenthusiastic reaction of a woman who has just been given a workout machine as a present.

Critics derided the Peloton commercial as sexist, arguing that the husband in the ad was pressuring his wife to stay thin. Some social media users commented that the character in the commercial looked scared and should consider a divorce.

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But Ryan Reynolds, the “Deadpool” star, tracked down the actress and starred her in a commercial for his Aviation Gin brand. The ad picks up where Peloton left off.

In the Aviation Gin commercial posted to Reynolds’ Twitter account, the actress sits at a bar with two friends in front of martini glasses. The friends console the actress, who offers a toast “To new beginnings” and throws back her entire glass in one gulp.

The other friend comfortingly says, “You’re safe here,” referring to the fact that the “Peloton wife” looked like she was being forced to constantly work out by her husband.

“Exercise bike not included #AviationGin,” Reynolds wrote alongside the commercial.

The ad itself is called “The Gift That Doesn’t Give Back”, a riff on Peloton’s commercial which is called “The Gift That Gives Back.”

Peloton PTON, +4.22%  , a company known for its high-end exercise bikes, saw its shares tumble this week, losing more than $1 billion in value as the market reacted to widespread criticism of its holiday commercial.

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Actor Sean Hunter, who played the husband in Peloton’s commercial, told “Psychology Today” this week that he has suffered a wave of negative feedback over the role, and he was criticized as a “symbol of the patriarchy.”

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