NewsWatch: Does the stock market even need a U.S.-China trade deal with the jobs report this hot?

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A hotter-than-expected jobs report for November has Wall Street waxing extremely bullish. See full story.

I’m 56 and unemployed, but have $100,000 to live off until I find a job. Where should I put this money?

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As a baby boomer, I didn’t grow up with this culture of entitlement — do I have to leave my estate to my children or spouse?

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At $2.6 billion, the New York Mets would be the highest-valued sports team ever sold in the U.S.

The previous high for an MLB team was in 2012 when the Los Angeles Dodgers were sold while the team was valued at $2.12 billion. See full story.

This depressing chart shows the jaw-dropping wealth gap between millennials and boomers

Boomers had seven times the wealth at age 35 than millennials will at the same age See full story.


A global ‘Sleep Out’ on Saturday will raise awareness and funds to combat homelessness. See full story.