Personal Finance Daily: New York regulator probes Apple Card algorithms for gender bias after viral tweets, and 7 ways to reduce the carbon footprint on your Amazon orders

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6 charming mountain towns that are worth visiting even if you don’t ski

No skis? No problem. These mountain paradises offer plenty of activities on and off the slopes.

New York regulator probes Apple Card algorithms for gender bias after viral tweets

The New York Department of Financial Services is opening a probe into the new Apple Card’s algorithms when determining credit limits after a series of tweets from a technology entrepreneur in the past few days alleged gender discrimination.

Amazon wrongly fired a worker and ‘blacklisted’ him for using medical marijuana, lawsuit alleges

Employees and employers are on tricky terrain when it comes to cannabis and the workplace.

Rising car prices force man to buy $27,000 Jeep with a $45,000 loan

John Schricker recently bought a $27,000 Jeep with a $45,000 loan, his fourth auto loan in two years.

Education Dept. cancels $10.8 million in student-loan debt for students at shuttered schools

The loan cancellation might not cancel a lawsuit, though.

7 ways to reduce the carbon footprint on your Amazon orders

Amazon says one-day and same-day shipping is its most eco-friendly option, but experts aren’t so sure.

3 ways to offset the rising costs of health care

Here’s how to best leverage available resources to reduce health care costs and help alleviate the anxiety related to the (potential) major impact of future health-related expenses.

Here’s the No. 1 reason why military veterans are denied a VA mortgage

Not everyone who serves the country qualifies for a government-backed home loan.

Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon are putting billions of dollars toward affordable housing — but that money may be too little, too late

Housing prices have skyrocketed in cities like San Francisco and Seattle, and tech companies are scrambling to ensure there’s an affordable place to live for their workforces.

Climate-change deniers may be propping up home prices in waterfront communities, research suggests

A new study examined how people’s opinions on climate change affect real-estate prices.

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Two surveys of global businesses slump to gloomiest level since recession

It’s as bad a time for the global economy as any since the end of the last recession, according to two separate surveys released on Monday.

With Peter King’s retirement, here are the 20 House Republicans who aren’t seeking re-election

Twenty House Republicans now have opted to retire or move on to other jobs, rather than run for re-election in 2020.

Mark Cuban shreds Elizabeth Warren’s proposals, compares her to Trump

Mark Cuban over the weekend joined more wary billionaires in criticizing Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren for intentionally “misleading the public” with her proposals.

Donald Trump Jr. and girlfriend heckled off stage — by Trump supporters

Trump campaign senior adviser Kimberly Guilfoyle slammed a UCLA crowd Sunday for their lack of success with the opposite sex.

Solving the climate crisis requires innovation backed by the taxpayers

Identifying promising green projects and directing capital toward them is a major challenge.