Personal Finance Daily: How one man paid cash for health care and why Starbucks’ holiday coffee slogan is stirring up controversy

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My stepdaughter blew through an inheritance and was mysteriously fired from her job — what should we do with our $1.6M estate?

‘How do we provide something to keep her out of homeless shelters without having it thrown away for drugs?’

Juul stopped selling fruit-flavored e-cigarettes — but now another flavor is proving as popular with teens

Research suggests fruity flavors are a prime driver in getting young people to try vaping.

Greta Thunberg propels ‘climate strike’ to Collins Dictionary 2019 word of the year

U.K.-based Collins Dictionary has declared “climate strike” as its word of the year, after noticing a hundredfold increase in its use in 2019, the most of any word (or, yes, words) on its list.

My friend asked me to be her maid of honor, but didn’t invite me to her wedding — am I expected to buy her a gift?

‘She didn’t outright tell me that she no longer wants me as a maid of honor.’

‘Merry Coffee’ is the best Starbucks could come up with for its holiday cups?

‘Tis the season to rip Starbucks for its holiday cups. The Seattle coffee giant has brewed up plenty of controversy year over year in trying to make its festive cups more inclusive for those who don’t celebrate Christmas. And 2019 is no exception.

This couple’s $161,000 in student-loan debt was forgiven after their applications were rejected — here’s how they did it

‘It was like a five-ton elephant being lifted off your shoulders.’

Airbnb will verify all listings to improve accuracy — other guests have been greeted with racism and hidden cameras

The company announced new efforts to address unauthorized parties after a shooting tragedy in California.

My frugal 31-year-old daughter is living at home while she pays off her student loan — isn’t that the equivalent of a $2,500 monthly gift?

‘She disagreed, given that no cash is changing hands. Who is right?’

Giving your time to help others, rather than your money, may help you live longer

New study reveals fresh insights into the benefits of giving.

How I paid cash for health care instead of using my insurance plan — and saved money

Four years ago, Harry Sit paid a dermatologist $360 using insurance. This time, he paid cash for the same exam and it was $161.

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