Key Words: After one senator slams Nancy Pelosi at Trump rally, another says she’s the best leader Congress has had in 100 years

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Sen. John Kennedy soaked up the love at Donald Trump’s sweaty MAGA rally in Louisiana on Wednesday night after he told the adoring crowd that it “must suck” to be as “dumb” as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Here’s the clip:

Trump supporters in the audience ate up the vitriol, because that’s where we are politically right now. But Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown was “disappointed” with how his fellow senator got swept up in the negativity:

‘He’s smarter than that, he’s funnier than that in person, he seems to have more principles than that… I guess, when you stand next to Donald Trump and you have that kind of crowd reaction, you play to it.’

Brown went on to say that he believes Pelosi to be the best leader Congress has seen in the past century.

Kennedy’s zinger, as Brown suggests earlier in the interview, represents a broader issue he has with the current Republican Party.

“A number of Republican senators whom I’ve talked to think this president has trouble telling the truth, think that he’s acted improperly or worse. They are embarrassed by it. Some number of Republicans think that he’s racist,” he said. “They say that privately, they don’t say that publicly.”

Brown said they keep their criticisms under wraps because they are afraid of his base turning on them but they also like his tax cuts for the rich, his environmental policies and the young conservative judges he’s selected.

Watch the Brown interview: