Personal Finance Daily: What to know if you’re in a relationship with a co-worker and the most obese state in America

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This powerful weapon can help women break the corporate ‘glass ceiling’

The best person to help women get to the top is a woman who’s already there, writes Kate Byrne.

Bowing to public pressure, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth will wear fake fur for the first time — so why do Americans still buy real fur?

Demand for this luxury material in the U.S. has actually increased in recent years.

My wife and I have bailed out our son with his mortgage and car payments, and set up 529s for his kids — yet we have the daughter-in-law from hell

‘We have lent them considerable money, but his wife now denies it was a loan.’

This is the most obese state in America

Southern states are struggling the most in the battle of the bulge

Are you considering a relationship with a co-worker? Read this first

Rules on workplace relationships are becoming increasingly common in the #MeToo era.

‘Party houses’ will get you banned from Airbnb — so will racism, hidden cameras and white nationalism

The company announced new efforts to address unauthorized parties after a shooting tragedy in California.

This couple’s $161,000 in student-loan debt was forgiven after their applications were rejected — here’s how they did it

‘It was like a five-ton elephant being lifted off your shoulders.’

Speeding up podcasts saved these customers 2,849 years of listening since 2015 — why it won’t work for Netflix movies

Fasten your seat belt — it’s going to be a bumpy night. Imagine watching ‘Fast and Furious’ at 1.5X speed.

Non-white cancer survivors are less likely to get the type of doctors they need

‘There remain racial/ethnic disparities in receipt of culturally competent care.’

Microsoft’s 4-day work week test in Japan boosts productivity by 40% — other studies show it can also make you happier

Shake Shack is trying it, too. And a recent study found employees were 20% more productive — and much happier — working 4-day weeks.

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As voters across the country cast their ballots Tuesday in a range of state and local races, analysts are watching to see what this off-year Election Day could signal about the battle for the White House and other 2020 contests.

U.S. trade deficit drops 4.7% to 5-month low, helped by first oil surplus since 1978

The nation’s trade deficit fell almost 5% in September to a five-month low, aided by the first surplus in petroleum since at least 1978 and a decline in imports from Germany and China.

Sondland says he told Ukraine that aid depended on the probe Trump wanted

The U.S. ambassador to the European Union said in amended testimony released Tuesday that he remembered telling a top Ukrainian official that U.S. aid to the country had a condition: announcing a probe sought by President Donald Trump.

As shareholder support for climate-change action grows, SEC votes to throttle those voices

The Securities and Exchange Commission proposed two long-anticipated rules on Tuesday that seeks to limit shareholders’ influence over how companies address contentious issues such as climate change and executive compensation.

Inflation expectations hit record low, suggesting Fed may have more to do

Consumers expectations of inflation has fallen to the lowest level since measurement started in 2013, according to a New York Fed survey released Tuesday.

Netflix shares have surged 23,000% since the turn of the century, but that’s nothing compared with the top performer

If you had invested $100 at the beginning of this century in shares of Netflix, your position would be worth more than $23,000 today. Not bad… for second best.