Personal Finance Daily: Trump’s move from New York to Florida for tax purposes could be ‘doomed’ and why home prices keep going up

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Personal Finance
Why Trump’s move from New York to Florida for tax purposes could be ‘doomed’

‘Simply declaring yourself a resident doesn’t make it so.’

Asset-manager fees keep falling. Thank retail investors

Competition from the asset management platforms helps make investors aware of the fees they’re paying for financial services, allowing them to demand lower ones.

It’s getting more expensive for your kid to become a Boy Scout — and pretty much everything else they do after school

Boy Scout fees will increase more than 80% in January — the cost is pretty modest compared to other after-school activities.

Here’s why home prices keep going up — and what we can do about it

Mortgage lenders must find innovative, affordable ways to help buyers, writes Sanjiv Das.

Who needs a cork? Winemaker bottles his bubbly with a cap

The latest offering from a renegade winemaker aims for accessibility.

Why President Trump’s kids are probably celebrating his move to Florida

The No. 1 reason billionaires decide to move.

Apple’s $4.99 streaming service is here — how does it stack up against Amazon, Netflix, HBO, Hulu and Disney?

Apple has a new Jennifer Aniston show, Netflix has ‘Seinfeld’ and Disney has ‘Star Wars.’

Want to slash your spending in half? Consider this.

Should you try #NoSpendNovember to curb holiday spending?

This former Trump official has a lot in common with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on wiping out student debt

‘This not a partisan issue. This is what’s right for America.’

Mortgage rates increase again — even though the Fed just cut interest rates

It’s the first time since April that mortgage rates have increased for three straight weeks.

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Reports of the demise of the U.S. manufacturing have been exaggerated, and that may be one reason why fears of an economy-wide recession got out of hand earlier this year.

The world is de-globalizing. Here’s what it may mean for investors.

There are several possible paths forward, each with very different implications for markets, asset classes, and world economies, according to Capital Economics.

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