NewsWatch: Dow and S&P 500 are guaranteed to rise at least another 5% in the next 2 months — if this 70-year-old pattern holds

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It’s the last day of October for stocks and the markets have enjoyed an anxiety-ridden climb toward all-time highs, but if this statistical trend for equity benchmarks holds up, there is much more room to run. See full story.

Pinterest stock dives toward lowest prices yet after earnings show slowing revenue growth

Pinterest Inc. stock plunged in late trading Thursday as revenue growth that was cheered in its previous earnings report did not continue. See full story.

America’s ‘fragile’ corporate debt pile faces a massive $4 trillion refinancing test, Oxford Economics warns

A slowing U.S. economy could put companies in jeopardy that already are grappling with lower profitability and higher leverage as they seek to refinance trillions worth of bonds that come due over the next five years See full story.

Zuckerberg-Dorsey political-ads debate could benefit legacy media

Advertising and media experts said the fall-out could benefit legacy TV networks and mainstream media in pursuit of $10 billion in political ad spending for the 2020 U.S. election. See full story.

More Americans are leaving their money in 401(k) plans after retirement — should you?

55% of Fidelity participants haven’t touched their accounts a year into retirement. See full story.


A group of economists also found that male and female drivers are not tipped at the same rate. See full story.