The Margin: This 100-year-old grandma’s birthday wish for Trump isn’t what you’d think

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Grandma Winnie knows what she wants for her birthday — and half of Americans want it, too.

A video going viral on Twitter TWTR, -1.46% on Tuesday afternoon features a white-haired older woman holding a MAGA hat as she shares her centennial wish.

But if you thought she’d be sending good vibes to the White House, guess again.

‘Hi. I’m Grandma Winnie. I’m 100 years old, and all I want for my birthday is for someone to impeach this … sucker.’

After pausing for comedic effect, Grandma Winnie then throws her MAGA hat to the side with a smile.

She’s got company, as a new CNN poll reports that 50% of Americans say Trump should be impeached and removed from office, with 43% disagreeing — the first time support for his impeachment and removal has significantly outpaced opposition. It led to the term “half of Americans” trending on Twitter again early Tuesday, after earlier polls have also suggested that support is growing for the impeachment inquiry.

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Support is split largely along partisan lines, with 87% of Democrats in the new CNN poll wanting to see Trump impeached and removed, joined by 50% of independents — with 6% of Republicans sharing that preference. The CNN report noted that Trump’s overall approval rating is still holding steady at 41%.

It’s unclear whether the Grandma Winnie video is legit, however. The original clip appears to have first been shared on Instagram on Monday by activist art project Indecline 2020, which has used street art, film and parody to “expose justices carried out by both corporations and government agencies.” The lead clip on its Indiegogo page even parodies a Trump ransom video, where an actor pretending to be the president (whose wrists are in handcuffs) asks for donations for the art project. The group has raised a little over $19,000 toward its $250,000 goal. It did not immediately respond to a MarketWatch request for comment.

But many on Twitter were indeed eating the video up, with several expressing surprise at Grandma Winnie’s appearing to be a Trump supporter at first but then ending her video on the cusp of dropping an F-bomb against the president.

“Omg. Saw the hat and thought she was MAGA,” wrote one commentator.

“Love how she tosses the hat at the end,” added another user under the name Ex-GOP Outcast.

“And we all know that ‘sucker’ could have been a different word,” chimed in a user named Jeri.