Personal Finance Daily: This man died and left his wife of 21 years nothing — her stepchildren told her to scram, and this analysis of 40 million Uber rides finally reveals exactly how much people tip

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I was diagnosed with Stage 3 pancreatic cancer in April — should I tell my family how I intend to distribute my estate?

‘I set up 529 plans for my four nieces and nephews, and have asked my sister to fund the plans with the proceeds from the sale of my house after I pass.’

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: ‘I actually don’t know if Libra is going to work’ — his doubts are shared by millions of Americans

Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra could be a ‘red line’ some people won’t cross.

This man died and left his wife of 21 years nothing — her stepchildren told her to scram

‘His life insurance was supposed to go to my mother, but that policy was terminated a few months prior to his death due to a missed payment,’ the woman’s daughter told MarketWatch.

This analysis of 40 million Uber rides finally reveals exactly how much people tip

A group of economists also found that male and female drivers are not tipped at the same rate.

Resigning Trump administration official says student-loan system is ‘fundamentally broken’ — here are some possible solutions

A. Wayne Johnson is stepping down from his role as chief strategy and transformation officer of the Office of Federal Student Aid.

How income volatility hurts both rich and poor Americans

Stock market volatility makes the news, but it’s unpredictable income that affects many families.

Breast implants could get ‘black-box warning’ labels about potential hazards

‘There is a distinct opportunity to do more to protect women who are considering breast implants,’ FDA officials said.

Why giving equity shares to top executives and employees is a costly mistake

Offer employees performance bonuses instead of outright ownership, writes Bruce Willey.

Mortgage rates rise to highest level since August

Nevertheless, affordability may be improving for home buyers.

Should you do a cash-out refinance? The pros and cons

A cash-out refi makes sense — in some circumstances. Here’s how it works.

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Lobbying by giant Chinese drone maker hits record as U.S. lawmakers target its products

Bills introduced in the House and Senate over the past month seek to block federal agencies from buying drones manufactured in China, spurred by the view that the unmanned vehicles might end up sending their data back to Beijing.

Pence blasts Nike over Hong Kong stance — says it checked ‘social conscience at the door’

Vice President Mike Pence blasted Nike Inc. and the NBA in a speech on China on Thursday, saying the company and pro-basketball league bent to Beijing amid protests in Hong Kong.

A resigning Trump education official wants to ‘stop the insanity’ of student loans

A. Wayne Johnson proposed forgiving $925 billion in student loans, calling the system ‘fundamentally broken’

Civil war? Voters say we’re getting close

A new poll asked voters to rate the division in the country from zero to 100, with 100 being defined as the ‘edge of civil war.’

Trump pressures Fed and thanks House Republicans after impeachment meeting stormed

President Trump applied new pressure on the Federal Reserve ahead of its interest-rate meeting, and thanked House Republicans a day after a group of lawmakers stormed into a secure meeting room over the objections of Democrats.