The Margin: People are obsessed with this ‘woman in blue’ seen at the House Republican SCIF protest

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Who is the woman in blue?

As images of about two dozen House Republicans storming a closed-door impeachment inquiry began hitting social media on Wednesday, one shot in particular caught the Twitterverse’s attention: A woman in a blue dress — perfectly framed a patch of golden light — standing on the staircase above the sea of male lawmakers.

The original picture posted by Daily Beast reporter Sam Brodey has been retweeted more than 1,200 times, with many readers claiming to identify with the mystery woman — who appears to be staring up into space as if she has lost patience with the political chaos occurring below her.

“The woman in blue: ‘Lord, beer me strength,’” joked Buzzfeed News D.C. editor Sarah Mimms.

“She is all of us,” added a Twitter TWTR, +0.05% user under the name Jessica Johnson.

Many users mused that she appeared to be ascending into an otherworldly plane.

The Defense Department was poised to begin an official deposition within a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (or SCIF) on Wednesday morning, when Republican lawmakers led by Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida tried to storm the room while chanting “Let us in!”

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff summoned the sergeant-at-arms to break them up, but the Republican demonstration delayed the closed-door session for roughly five hours.

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