Personal Finance Daily: The most generous country in the world and how much parents should worry about a Johnson & Johnson baby powder recall and arsenic in baby food

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NBA analyst Stan Van Gundy on how the league has changed: ‘No one called themselves a brand’ in the 90s

The former NBA coach talks with MarketWatch about the upcoming season, and who would win at one-on-one between him or his brother Jeff.

Johnson & Johnson recalls baby powder and arsenic was discovered in baby food — how much should parents worry?

Gerber says a report about arsenic in baby food ‘may have caused unnecessary alarm.’

In a review of 337,000 patient cases, this was the No. 1 most common preventable medical error

Around 12% of preventable harm to patients is severe or leads to death, a new study finds.

Here’s what you need to earn to crack the 1%, according to latest IRS data

According to the latest IRS data cited by Bloomberg, it took earnings of $515,371 in 2017 to crack into the top 1%.

1 in 5 LGBTQ adults isn’t registered to vote, despite high 2020 stakes

Half of the LGBTQ adults registered to vote next November said they were Democrats and 15% were Republicans.

You could live 24% longer, thanks to your dog

New research finds that dog ownership helps those who live alone the most.

The U.S. is the No. 1 most generous country in the world for the last decade

A global survey asked 1.3 million people whether they had helped a stranger or donated money or time to charity recently.

The world’s shortest regularly scheduled commercial flight lasts 1.5 minutes

Qantas is testing the world’s longest flight, a 19.5-hour voyage from New York to Sydney.

Apple and Goldman Sachs don’t report Apple Card information to credit bureaus

Credit-card experts say the choice not to begin reporting to credit bureaus immediately is unusual.

Americans spend 7,000% more time watching TV than they do on their finances

We won’t keep up with the Kardashians if we’re too busy watching ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians,’ experts note.

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