Personal Finance Daily: Why $2,467 might be the magic number for emergency savings and the uphill battle for women like Nobel Prize winner Esther Duflo

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Wealthy taxpayers have one big advantage with the IRS (that has nothing to do with Trump’s tax reform)

‘There are a lot of advantages to being rich, and this is one of them.’

These two maps show how the trade war with China is hurting ‘Trump country’

New study finds tariffs are taking their toll in battleground Midwestern states.

The end of ‘resort fees’ could be at hand

Congress takes aim at the controversial fees, which still take some travelers by surprise.

Boeing 737 Max grounding puts pressure on airlines to raise prices this holiday season

‘They’re left operating at reduced capacity and, with seat supply diminished at a time when demand is highest, fares will go up.’

As Esther Duflo wins the Nobel Prize in economics, here’s the uphill battle women face in the field

Duflo won the award alongside fellow economists Abhijit Banerjee and Michael Kremer.

Meet the Mexican-American cultural consultant who helps Disney and Nickelodeon avoid lazy stereotypes

‘Some productions use Google to figure out Latino stuff.’

How to cut your 2019 tax bill before it’s too late

It’s already that time of year again.

Trump administration’s proposed food-stamp cutbacks could worsen America’s obesity epidemic

Research shows obesity is associated with food insecurity.

I earn twice my husband’s salary and pay all the bills — now he hides all his savings

‘I am starting to worry because we are almost 50 and have a 16-year-old child who is about to go to college.’

Why $2,467 could be the magic number for emergency savings

Two economists crunched the numbers on more than 70,000 lower-income households.

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Nobel winner Robert Shiller: A recession that could discredit Trump looms large

Yale University finance professor and Nobel laureate Robert Shiller talks to Time about what he sees as an inevitability.

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