NewsWatch: The dollar is stronger than ever and that’s a warning sign for the stock market

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The strength of the U.S. dollar doesn’t help U.S. companies – but it’s the relatively perkier yields on U.S. government bonds that’s attracting more capital to the country See full story.

Trump says he’ll impose sanctions on Turkey over Syria incursion

President Donald Trump said Monday he will soon sign an executive order authorizing sanctions on Turkey, a day after he directed a full withdrawal of U.S. troops from northern Syria. See full story.

The top 10 college towns in the U.S. in 2019

From academics to job opportunities to fun things to do, these college towns come out on top. See full story.

Former GOP presidential candidate: Every Democratic debate is a Trump win

Bobby Jindal, former Louisiana governor and 2016 Republican presidential nomination, explains in an editorial for The Wall Street Journal why voters who don’t like President Trump may feel compelled to vote for him in 2020. See full story.

Here’s how millennials are about to solve the coming Social Security crisis

Bill Mead explained to CNBC how “incredibly economically impactful things” are about to happen as millennials prioritize necessity spending. Big ticket items, he says, will soon be prioritized over “Apple devices, craft beer and Chipotle burritos.” See full story.


Monday’s Personal Finance Stories. See full story.

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