Personal Finance Daily: The best diet for treating depression and 8 weird things America’s happiest couples have in common

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Personal Finance
Mortgage rates drop once again — sparking more interest in loan refinancing

While the decline in rates has prompted many home owners to refinance their loans, it may not be enough to create a major uptick in home-buying activity.

This is the best diet for treating depression

A new study suggests that diet can help mental health.

This claim about the flu shot is all wrong

It won’t give you the flu, so get the shot.

8 weird things that America’s happiest couples have in common

A recent report by eHarmony looks at what happy couples could tell us about finance and romance.

Here are the U.S. cities with the highest growth in job openings and wages

The analysis was carried out by Glassdoor based across major metro areas.

This couple never talks about money — and they never fight about it either

‘We’ve never had joint checking accounts.’

The financial costs and mental-health benefits of gender-affirming surgery for transgender people

Transgender individuals in a new study were six times as likely as their general-population counterparts to have visited a health-care provider for an anxiety or mood disorder.

Nearly 50% of LGBTQ Americans are in the closet at work

The Supreme Court heard arguments this week on whether the civil rights laws barring workplace discrimination based on gender also applies to gender identity and sexual orientation.

My husband sponsored me to move to the U.S., but he kept a $200K windfall and insists I pay all the bills

‘We went to couple’s counseling and decided to stay together, but his lies and deception have taken a toll on our marriage.’

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Trump announces preliminary trade deal with China

President Donald Trump says the U.S. and China reached a “substantial phase one deal” on trade, as stocks closed sharply higher Friday, with analysts giving credit to optimism over the U.S.-China trade talks.

California’s mass power outage shows we don’t really know the costs or effects of climate change

The unforeseen power outages in California show that economists could be badly underestimating the potential costs of climate change.

Stock splits have dried up — why that’s not good for the market

This key support for stock prices has fallen away, writes Mark Hulbert.

Water’s cheap, but water-related stocks have heated up this year

At about a penny a gallon in many places, water might be difficult to think of as a good investment, but stocks and exchange-traded funds related to it have rallied nicely this year.