Personal Finance Daily: The end of ‘resort fees’ could be at hand and Robinhood unveils long-delayed cash management accounts

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Personal Finance
Military man explains how he retired at 36, with a ‘disgusting’ amount of savings

A military career isn’t typically the path to take if someone’s looking to reach hallowed “FIRE” territory — financial independence, retire early. But, it is possible, according to one a guy who says he’s pulling it off.

My sister-in-law is a greedy, gold-digging, woman — it floored me that men could be so stupid

This letter writer is embarking on an around-the-world trip with her husband and is afraid that her relative will insinuate herself into her daughter’s life while she’s gone.

My husband sponsored me to move to the U.S., but he kept a $200K windfall and insists I pay all the bills

‘We went to couple’s counseling and decided to stay together, but his lies and deception have taken a toll on our marriage.’

The end of ‘resort fees’ could be at hand

Congress takes aim at the controversial fees, which still take some travelers by surprise.

I earn twice my husband’s salary and pay all the bills — now he hides all his savings

‘I am starting to worry because we are almost 50 and have a 16-year-old child who is about to go to college.’

You could live 24% longer, thanks to your dog

New research finds that dog ownership helps those who live alone the most.

‘I wish I’d listened to my mother’ — this man maxed out his first credit card in 18 hours and lived in his car for six months

‘I want to go back and teach others,’ says Anthony ONeal.

This is America’s No. 1 college major for salary and job availability

This new ranking takes account of pay, unemployment rate and the need for advanced degrees.

Robinhood unveils long-delayed cash management accounts — this time with insurance

The accounts come with an APY of 2.05%, well below the 3% the company originally promised back in December.

This 50-year-old dog walker retired after making more than $1 million — working just three days a week

Kristin Morrison started a business doing what she loves.

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Eroding profit margins will push U.S. into recession in 2020, leading forecaster says

Stephen Gallagher stands out among Wall Street economists because he’s one of the few willing to go on the record to forecast a recession in 2020. And because he’s not blaming it on tweets, Trump or tariffs.

Trade war could cost global economy $700 billion by 2020, new IMF chief says

The cumulative effect of trade conflicts could mean a loss of around $700 billion by 2020, the new IMF chief estimated on Tuesday.

A “Red-Bull fueled” U.S. economy might just power through recession fears

A U.S. recession isn’t inevitable, even though the trade war with China is hurting economic growth, according to economists at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

How climate change is ‘creating a dilemma’ for the world’s central bankers

As if dealing with short-term economic swings, monitoring inflation and setting interest rates wasn’t enough, central bankers are worrying about climate change.716F8DFC-E9B0-11E9-BED2-40F9874970C5

Here’s what you likely have in common with Harvard’s endowment managers

Even the best and brightest analysts fail to beat the stock market consistently, writes Mark Hulbert.