Personal Finance Daily: Automation could disproportionately hurt black workers and these cities have the highest growth in job openings

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This U.S. city that Trump loves to hate is tourists’ top pick for third year running

Chicago is again named best big U.S. city by the prominent Condé Nast Traveler magazine.

Here are the U.S. cities with the highest growth in job openings and wages

The analysis was carried out by Glassdoor based across major metro areas.

My ex-husband borrowed money to marry a woman 40 years his junior — how do I protect my son’s $1M estate?

‘Even though he’s deeply in debt and can barely pay his rent, he’s discussing the possibility of having additional children with his new bride’

How to work your tax angles as a landlord

Converting your personal residence into a rental can make for a complex tax situation.

The financial costs and mental-health benefits of gender-affirming surgery for transgender people

Transgender individuals in a new study were six times as likely as their general-population counterparts to have visited a health-care provider for an anxiety or mood disorder.

My sister-in-law is a greedy, gold-digging, woman — it floored me that men could be so stupid

This letter writer is embarking on an around-the-world trip with her husband and is afraid that her relative will insinuate herself into her daughter’s life while she’s gone.

This financial planner racked up $12,000 in credit-card debt — ‘I went a little overboard’

‘They don’t see me as a perfect person and I don’t want them to.’

Airline passengers say one magic word would convince them to spend more money on their tickets

The researchers examined how people responded to different pricing strategies when purchasing airfare.

Why automation could disproportionately hurt black workers

Some 132,000 African-American jobs projected to be displaced due to automation by the year 2030.

Why your financial adviser might ask how you’re feeling about money

To measure their worth, many advisers see value in uncovering clients’ emotions.

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A new front-runner for the 2020 Democrats? Warren tops Biden in 3 latest polls

Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren overtakes rival Joe Biden in three straight recent polls, though she still is behind him in an average of all surveys.

How oil traders are using satellites to keep an eye on an increasingly unpredictable market

Oil traders had the benefit of a growing number of eyes in the sky following last month’s crippling attacks on Saudi Arabia’s crude processing facilities.

Investors are the biggest losers when women and minority entrepreneurs don’t get startup money

Companies with gender- and ethnic diversity perform better and reach more markets, writes Cheryl Contee.

The dollar is doomed — but may pay off when the next bubble takes hold, warns Jim Rogers

Famed investor Jim Rogers says dollar fundamentals are “horrible,” but he’s buying it to get ready to profit on the currency’s last-gasp rally.