NewsWatch: Why you should embrace a minimalist retirement

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For some, it has made retirement easier, cheaper, and more fun. See full story.

Stocks close higher after modest job gains keep Fed rate cut hopes alive

U.S. stocks closed higher Friday after the Labor Department’s monthly employment report calmed fears of a recession but provided enough evidence of a slowing economy to maintain market expectations for another Federal Reserve interest rate cut in late October. See full story.

Few stocks pass this rigorous test, but those that do may serve you well through market turmoil

Rob McIver of Jensen Investment Management describes a successful strategy of holding ‘all-weather businesses.’ See full story.

What does a ‘middle-class’ budget really look like in today’s economy?

As the standard picture of middle-class shifts — or in some cases disappears — there’s perhaps no better way to understand the changes than by looking at the real-life budgets of families across the country. See full story.

This woman went from deep debt to retirement riches in a few years by teaching herself financial literacy

The Brooklyn native grew up in a low-income neighborhood with a family working hard to make a living. See full story.


This letter writer is embarking on an around-the-world trip with her husband and is afraid that her relative will insinuate herself into her daughter’s life while she’s gone. See full story.