The Margin: Watch Cookie Monster spell out the Trump impeachment inquiry

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That’s the way political discourse crumbles.

Earlier this week, President Trump responded to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi launching an impeachment inquiry over his phone call with the president of Ukraine by saying that she “hands out subpoenas like they’re cookies.”

So “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” ran with that sweet metaphor by repurposing old “Sesame Street” footage of Cookie Monster singing “C is for Cookie” to have the Muppet spell out the political controversy in the parody song, “S is for Subpoena.”

Here are the lyrics:

S is for subpoena, Schiff wants your testimony.

U is for Ukraine, do a favor for me.

B is for … what is “B” doing in this word?

P is for Pompeo and the phone call that he heard.

O is for Oh God, high crimes and misdemeanors.

E is for Eric, he can’t spell “subpoenas.”

N is for Nixon, we’ve seen this all before.

A is for get your big a— out the door.


Watch Cookie Monster spell “subpoena” here: