NewsWatch: U.S. adds 136,000 jobs in September, unemployment rate hits 50-year low

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The U.S. created 136,000 new jobs in September, while the unemployment rate hit a new cycle low of 3.5%, the Labor Department said Friday. See full story.

Braced for an economic downturn? These cheap stocks will see you through, says Goldman

While the debate rages on over whether the U.S. and the world is careening towards a recession, our call of the day, from Goldman Sachs, says investors may be doing themselves a favor by steering towards the stocks that can see you through a downturn. See full story.

The real reason for Trump’s meltdowns

Trump still has not learned—much less respected—the essential fact that he has been, for three years now, a public servant. A lack of accountability may be why. See full story.

Mark Zuckerberg on billionaires: ‘At some level, no one deserves to have that much money’

At least one billionaire thinks Sen. Bernie Sanders may have a point when he says that billionaires shouldn’t exist. See full story.

Trump administration wants Juul and other e-cigarette makers to reveal their confidential marketing tactics

The Federal Trade Commission wants details back to 2015, including information on influencer marketing on social media. See full story.


Extra fees imposed by cable companies tack a 24% surcharge on to the price advertised, according to a new Consumer Reports analysis. See full story.