Key Words: The dream job we didn’t know existed: taco editor

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Magazine mastheads follow peculiar conventions. Some publications label every member of the writing staff a senior editor, often despite conspicuous juniority. Others confer the title contributing editor on the person who stays away from the newsroom most consistently, keeping collaboration to a minimum. Some major newspapers’ staff rosters, famously, include ombudsmen, unless and until, equally famously, they don’t.

But the magazine Texas Monthly this month broke some ground by creating the following post:

‘Taco editor.’

José Ralat, whose name will appear beside that title on the Austin, Texas, regional monthly’s masthead, prepped for the gig by having previously authored a taco blog and a taco guide. “There is no Texas without tortilla, you know?” Ralat told Lulu Garcia-Navarro of NPR the other day. “There isn’t.”

Austin recently landed two restaurants among the top 10 in a Travel + Leisure magazine ranking of America’s 25 best places for tacos.

Texas Monthly noted in announcing the taco-editor hiring that six years ago it became the first magazine to appoint a barbecue editor.

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