Top Ten: Weekend roundup: Recession planning | An exclusive with Chipotle’s CEO | Best colleges for upward mobility

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The news media is fixated on presidential impeachment possibilities, but the world continues to spin and real life goes on.

The change in Federal Reserve policy and signs of an economic slowdown in the U.S. understandably give rise to worries about a recession. Dana Anspach argues the best way to handle this possibility is to have a plan for your investments, rather than reacting to the headlines. Dozens of readers have their own ideas — you can join the conversation.

Here are other articles about life, money and investing you shouldn’t miss.

The story behind Chipotle’s turnaround and the soaring stock price

Tonya Garcia interviews Chipotle Mexican Grill CMG, -0.14%  CEO Brian Niccol about the company’s successful recovery from its 2015 food-safety problems.

These colleges help the most students move up in the world

The most selective colleges help some students rise from humble backgrounds to comfortable careers. But the numbers can be very small. Some colleges help larger numbers of students improve their economic circumstances. Howard Gold names 10 of them.

Social Security realities

Social Security cost-of-living adjustments are critically important, but based on the wrong economic indicators. Here’s how this problem is affecting retirees.

A more affordable retirement in the U.S.

Catey Hill names possible cities for a retired couple looking to move out of San Diego, Calif., with a $1 million nest egg. Readers have plenty of other suggestions. What’s your tip?

This data may change your thinking about investing

Mark Hulbert shares long-term data that turns conventional thinking about investment allocation on its head.

He also says the recent outperformance of midcap stocks was a fluke.

An entrepreneur tells his story

Fevertree Drinks FEVR, +1.38%  founder Charles Rolls tells Brett Arends how he built a thriving business.

Sometimes it’s an advantage not to know anything about a business

Charles Rolls, co-founder of Fevertree Drinks

Bank stocks and negative interest rates

KBW lists financial service companies whose stocks may sink if long-term interest rates in the U.S. fall below zero.

The lesson from some dismal IPOs

Peloton PTON, -2.50% is halfway through Day 2 as a public company and the stock is still falling. It’s now down 14% from the IPO price. Endeavor Group EDR, +0.00%  canceled listing plans for the second time. That’s a warning for investor eyeing growth-at-all-costs, highly valued private companies.

How to invest in the fight against climate change

Jeff Reeves names five areas where you can invest in companies well-positioned to profit from efforts to improve the environment.

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