The Margin: How one liddle’ tweet from Trump turned into a viral, real-time grammar lesson

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As far as @realdonaldtrump tweets go, this one was a grammar gold mine.

The president fired off a confusing post on Twitter TWTR, -1.27% early Friday morning that slammed the “LameStream Media” for wrongly accusing him of misspelling the scornful nickname “Liddle” that he’d attached to the name of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff. It wasn’t clear where his complaint stemmed from, but the tweet with which he apparently aimed to correct the record was itself riddled with errors:

Political pundits, journalists and copy editors pounced on the multiple mistakes, including the president’s appearing to confuse the meanings of hyphen and apostrophe, as well as his misspelling of the word “describing”:

It caused several hashtags to trend on Friday morning, including #Liddle, #hyphen and #discribing:

Even the Merriam-Webster dictionary’s official Twitter account weighed in, helpfully describing the difference between a hyphen and an apostrophe:

Schiff had paraphrased the released version of Trump’s contested phone call with the Ukrainian president during the whistleblower hearing on Thursday that is at the center of the impeachment inquiry. Trump and many Republican lawmakers have criticized Schiff for that description of the call, calling it a parody or fictional. The president posted a series of other tweets on Friday morning that claimed Schiff’s version of the call had made “it sound horrible, and me sound guilty.” Trump demanded that Schiff “immediately resign from Congress”:

It’s not all bad news for the White House, however. Trump’s re-election campaign has raked in millions of dollars in the days immediately following House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment announcement.

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