Personal Finance Daily: The issue with Americans saving record amounts in 529 plans and how smart pajamas could be the next thing in tech

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Here are the most generous tippers in America

A new study says some people are Grinches when it comes to adding that 20%. Do you fit that bill?

Want to trade in your home? Zillow tries a model most often used by car dealers

People who buy newly-constructed homes from some builders will be able to sell their current homes to Zillow.

My ex-husband borrowed money to marry a woman 40 years his junior — how do I protect my son’s $1M estate?

‘Even though he’s deeply in debt and can barely pay his rent, he’s discussing the possibility of having additional children with his new bride’

The next thing in tech? Smart pajamas

Sleep-monitoring slumberwear is coming soon, scientists say.

My husband’s two children would toss me out of the house if he were to die before me — what can I do?

‘I no longer want to keep putting my time and energy into this house, which may never truly be mine.’

Why allegedly luring lonely customers with fake ‘winks’ is just another form of ‘phishing’

Consumers with free profiles were allegedly tricked into signing up to the service. denies the claim.

Congress could rewrite the rules on forced arbitration — 3 reasons every American should care

There are more than twice as many arbitration agreements as there are people in America, by one count.

Americans save a record amount in 529 education plans — why that’s not necessarily a good thing

These tax-advantaged saving plans show people are planning for their children’s future, so why are some experts concerned by this increase?

Trump impeachment inquiry and a brutal 2020 election will further stoke ‘toxic’ workplaces, HR experts warn

The Society for Human Resource Management’s CEO Johnny Taylor Jr. tells MarketWatch that companies should brace for a higher turnover in this heated political climate.

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Consumer spending barely rises in August as Americans save more

Americans cut back on spending in August and saved more, but rising incomes suggest the dropoff is unlikely to last. A key measure of inflation also showed no change.

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