Personal Finance Daily: Meghan Markle should be considered a ‘working mom’ and how the Trump impeachment inquiry could stoke ‘toxic’ workplaces

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Yes, Meghan Markle should be considered a ‘working mom’ — but she’s not struggling the same way

Mothers are divided on the Duchess’ remarks that being a working mom is “a lot.”

My ex-husband borrowed money to pay for his wedding to a woman 40 years his junior — how do I protect my son’s $1M estate?

‘Even though he’s deeply in debt and can barely pay his rent, he’s discussing the possibility of having additional children with his new bride’

My husband’s two children would toss me out of the house if he were to die before me — what can I do?

‘I no longer want to keep putting my time and energy into this house, which may never truly be mine.’

Why allegedly luring lonely customers with fake ‘winks’ is just another form of ‘phishing’

Consumers with free profiles were allegedly tricked into signing up to the service. denies the claim.

Beauty company must pay FTC $1.76M for falsely labeling products as organic and vegan — how NOT to get duped

A brand sold at Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters ‘harmed consumers,’ the FTC said.

Trump impeachment inquiry and brutal 2020 election will further stoke ‘toxic’ workplaces, HR experts warn

The Society for Human Resource Management’s CEO Johnny Taylor Jr. tells MarketWatch that companies should brace for a higher turnover in this heated political climate.

Mortgage rates fall slightly, giving the housing market more room to grow

An uptick in home sales activity has been attributed to this summer’s downturn in mortgage rates.

At 40 he had a job he hated, now he’s worth half a billion dollars

How the Fevertree co-founder hit the big-time with a big gamble.

Child-care costs forced this single mom to give up her job — her car was repossessed and now she has $5,000 in credit-card debt

‘It was still a tight spot, but it would be cheaper to stay at home.’

Greta Thunberg has likened her Asperger syndrome to a ‘superpower’ — some Fortune 500 employers appear to agree

‘We need people who think outside the box and who aren’t like everyone else,’ the 16-year-old Swedish teenager said.

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Trump campaign capitalizes on impeachment threat, raising millions from supporters this week

The Trump 2020 campaign has been working this week to capitalize on the impeachment inquiry launched by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, asking donors to contribute to an “Impeachment Defense Task Force” and attracting millions of dollars in donations.

Trump warns of stock market crash as he rails against impeachment

President Donald Trump on Thursday warned of a stock market crash if he were to be impeached, as he reportedly demanded to know who gave a whistleblower information about his call with Ukraine’s president.

Whistleblower alleges Trump White House moved records onto separate network

The whistleblower complaint that focused on President Donald Trump’s request to Ukraine’s government to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden also alleges White House officials moved the records of some of Trump’s communications with foreign officials onto a separate computer network.

Vote Trump? That’s what these Wall Street Democrats say they might do if Elizabeth Warren gets the nomination

According to CNBC, several high-dollar Democratic donors and fundraisers on Wall Street say they may end up backing Trump in 2020 if Elizabeth Warren ends up being the nominee.

Top Republican defends Trump: ‘There is nothing in that transcript that rises to impeachment’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Thursday defends President Donald Trump and criticizes the impeachment inquiry launched this week, as the California Repupblican echoes other top GOP lawmakers who have sounded dismissive.

Stressed and losing friends over politics? You’re not alone…

This chart shows how political stress is hurting many Americans.

These stocks could be smart buys as the fight against climate change intensifies

5 ways to invest in companies working to blunt global warming’s impact.